Managing Meetings


This short course is designed to assist you with managing effective meetings that meet their intended purpose and keep accurate records.

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  • Understand the purpose of meetings;
  • Select the best type of meeting to suit the purpose;
  • Plan and prepare for a meeting;
  • Conduct a meeting;
  • Deal with conflict and other challenges in a meeting;
  • Follow up on a meeting; and
  • Manage the constructing and distribution of the minutes.

What you will learn:

  • What is a Meeting?
  • Meeting Humour
  • Meeting Process
  • Purpose of Meetings
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Meeting Types
  • Meeting Forms
  • Stakeholders
  • Meeting Logistics
  • The Meeting
  • Meeting Challenges
  • Meeting Follow-Up
  • Suggestions for Effective Meetings
  • Meeting Documentation

Target Audience:

  • Anyone with a desire to become a junior leader and would like exposure to operational management learning outcomes.
  • A junior manager operating within business needing to further develop their operational management knowledge and skills.