Self and My Team!

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This short course is designed to assist you with developing your role as a team leader by understanding the formation of teams, and improving team effectiveness by identifying stakeholders and the importance of relationships.

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  • Explain the role of the team leader in the organisation;
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of self as a worker in a specific work position;
  • Apply Johari‚Äôs Window and Social styles to create self- and social awareness;
  • Explain the role and purpose of teams;
  • Identify the characteristics of an effective team;
  • Understand the stages of team development and apply it to your own team;
  • Understand self in the context of the team, organisation and the world;
  • Identify internal and external stakeholders; and
  • Describe stakeholder relationships with each other and the organisation.

What you will learn:

  • Groups and Team
  • The Purpose of a Team
  • The Importance of Teamwork
  • Characteristics of Effective Teams
  • Stages in Group and Team Development
  • Successful Team Management
  • The Role of the Team Leader
  • Building Effective Relationships at Work
  • Understanding Self and Others

Target Audience:

  • Anyone with a heart to become a junior leader and would like exposure to team management learning outcomes.
  • A junior manager operating within business needing to further develop their team management knowledge and skills