The Individual and Change



This short course is designed to develop your resilience to change, by changing your mindset and improving your emotional intelligence. Only on completion of the full Change Management curriculum, will you be eligible to be awarded Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points from the South African Council of Educators (SACE).

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and apply the change curve.
  • Explore people’s response to change.
  • Investigate the concept of resilience.
  • Explore the relationship between resilience and mindset.
  • Learn how to change your mindset.
  • Explore the relationship between resilience and emotional intelligence.
  • Learn how to improve your emotional intelligence.

What you will learn:

  • The Change Curve
  • Our Response to Change
  • What is Resilience?
  • Resilience and Your Mindset
  • Changing Your Mindset
  • Resilience and Emotional Intelligence
  • Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

Target Audience

This is for individuals, managers, and strategic leaders who want to navigate and evoke change in the new world of work.

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