Structuring Your Organisation


This short course is designed to introduce you to the process of organisational structuring to ensure effective implementation of organisational planning.



  • Explain the core business of a selected organisation or workplace.
  • Explain the support functions in a selected organisation or workplace.
  • Understand the importance of structuring an organisation.
  • Explore the concept of coordination, including the concept of chain of command, unity of command, as well as the span of control.
  • Discover the concept of delegation, including the role of authority, responsibility and accountability, as well as centralisation and decentralisation.
  • Understand and apply the different types of departmentalisation;
  • Define the work unit, as well as the principles of work unit design.

What you will learn:

  • Business Functions
  • Structuring Your Organisations
  • Coordination
  • Delegation
  • Departmentalisation
  • Organisational Structures
  • Work Unit