Organisational Structure and Design


This short course is designed to assist you in understanding the organisational structures and business functions, as well as the different management levels, skills and roles.

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  • Explain the core business of a selected organisation or workplace.
  • Explain the support functions in a selected organisation or workplace.
  • Apply the general management function to a selected organisation.
  • Explain the relationship between the type, ownership and size of an organisation and its management structure.
  • Explain the role of a selected department or section in an organisation.
  • Investigate and explain the role of a selected team and its contribution
  • Investigate the different types of work done in an organisation.
  • Identify and explain the different management levels within an organisation.
  • Describe the functions of junior or line managers.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the different management skills needed at the different levels of management.
  • Explain the relationship between the various management roles.

What you will learn:

  • Business Functions
  • Organisational Structures
  • Departmentalisation
  • Work Units
  • Levels of Management
  • Management Skills
  • Management Roles

Target Audience:

  • Anyone with a passion to become a junior leader and would like exposure to basic management learning outcomes.
  • A passionate junior manager operating within business needing to further develop their basic management knowledge and skills.