Motivating Your Team

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This short course is designed to assist you as the leader to understand and improve motivation within your team, including tips and techniques



  • Define motivation;
  • Understand why motivation is important;
  • Learn how to motivate in the workplace;
  • Understand what motivates your team;
  • Understand the role of motivation in achieving goals;
  • Identify the indicators of a lack of motivation;
  • Learn about ways to empower team members;
  • Encourage participation in decision making;
  • Delegate tasks and review decisions and performances of delegated tasks;
  • Learn about different motivational theories;
  • Learn how to monitor group achievements and give recognition for objectives and goals met;
  • Prepare to receive a new team member;
  • Understand what goes into the planning and designing of an induction programme and;
  • Know what the implementation and follow-up of an induction programme consists of.

What you will learn:

  • Defining Motivation
  • Motivational Theories
  • Motivation Techniques
  • Tips for Motivating Employees
  • Induction as a Motivator

Target Audience:

  • Anyone with a heart to become a junior leader and would like exposure to team management learning outcomes.
  • A junior manager operating within business needing to further develop their team management knowledge and skills.