Junior Management Development Programme



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This programme is designed to assist you in becoming a confident junior manager with the knowledge and skills required to conquer the world of work as a leader, considering the aspects of Basic, Operational, and Team Management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Co-ordinating with others.
  • Making significant choices from a wide range of procedures.
  • Operating in a number of contexts.
  • Making comparisons.
  • Performing junior management functions.
  • Maintaining records.
  • Carrying out simple research and tasks.
  • Interpreting current affairs related to a specific business sector.
  • Recognising the effect of HIV/AIDS on the specific workplace, business sub-sector, and own organisation.
  • Applying knowledge of self and team to enhance team performance.
  • Managing time and the work process.
  • Explaining the structure of an organisation.
  • Conducting a formal meeting.
  • Inducting a new member of a team.

Target Audience

  • Anyone with the tenacity to become a leader and would like exposure to junior management learning outcomes.
  • A tenacious junior manager operating within business needing to further develop their junior management knowledge and skills.

What You Will Learn

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