HIV/AIDS in the Workplace


This short course is designed to share important information related to HIV/AIDS.

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  • Understand the effects of HIV/AIDS on the immune system.
  • Know how HIV/AIDS is transmitted.
  • Know what behaviour is safe, and what behaviour carries the risk of HIV/AIDS transmission.
  • Know what guidelines and assistance are available to support workers with HIV/AIDS and recognise the role in creating a caring environment.
  • Understand the implications of the HIV/AIDS pandemic for society, the economy, a business sector, an organisation and a specific workplace.

What you will learn:

  • Overview of HIV/AIDS
  • The Immune System
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • HIV Transmission
  • Prevention Options
  • Know Your Status
  • Treatment Options and Support
  • Health Tips
  • Supporting HIV/AIDS Workers
  • Implications of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic
  • Stigmatisation
  • How to Treat People with HIV/AIDS

Target Audience:

  • Anyone with a passion to become a junior leader and would like exposure to basic management learning outcomes.
  • A passionate junior manager operating within business needing to further develop their basic management knowledge and skills