About OmniStack

OmniStack is the full-service e-learning platform of Omni HR Consulting (Pty) Ltd.  It is specifically designed to meet the changing environment and evolving development needs of individuals who are wanting to enhance their careers through a development pathway. Not only does it allow for on-demand learning but encourages individuals to “stack” their development, leading to progression linked to a specific career or industry.

We intend to extend OMNI’s commitment to quality and individualised support that has been a golden thread in our service offering for the past 10 years to this online platform. We have painstakingly developed learning stacks. The stacks will evolve as the working climate changes. OMNI aims to provide learning stacks that will be instrumental in supporting individuals with continuous professional development, workforce disruption challenges (like the 4th Industrial revolution) and just-in-time learning.

For our launch we have focussed on:

  • Leadership Development – moving from management to leadership
  • 2030 Workforce Skills – the skills required for the disruptive future of work
  • Personal Mastery – the journey toward continuous improvement

Furthermore, we do not subscribe that learning is one-dimensional, but rather that it is complex and therefore we have developed OmniStack with blended learning models that allow for customised application.

Personal growth is not attained by chance; it must be sought out with passion and commitment. I hope that today you have found a partner in OMNI that will help you achieve your personal growth objectives through our various education, training and development solutions.